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Can you imagine closely following the first steps of the turtles heading towards the sea?
This natural phenomenon happens on the beaches of the Maraú Peninsula from September to March. Last season there were approximately 16,000 offsprings.

You can also help the turtles and their natural habitat: the ocean.

Know how:
On the beach: walk or bike
Do not use motor vehicles on the beach. The tire tracks left in the sand are real obstacles for the offsprings, who often get stuck in these depressions and are unable to reach the ocean.

Inform yourself
Choose coastal tourist establishments that support environmental conservation efforts.

Take care of plastic waste on the beach
Plastic pollution affects sea turtles throughout their life cycle. From the moment they are born, they run the risk of being injured – or worse: of dying – because they ingest or get trapped in plastic.

Help the project @coraçãodetartaruga

Here we count on the help of the professionals and volunteers of the project @coracaodetartaruga 💙🐢🌊🙏🏾 Access the project profile on Instagram and inform yourself.

Let’s help take care of them, who are so important to the oceans. ❤️🌊🐢 Nature thanks you.