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Taipu de Fora is a magical place, a preserved village at Cocoa Coast, south of Bahia. Here the vibe is calm and full of good energies.
Help to take care of this little piece of paradise:

Do not collect samples from coral reefs or any species there. Take only memories and beautiful pictures.

Do not step on and touch the corals, they are animals sensitive to disturbances in the environment. Your touch could be lethal.

When diving in natural pools, use sunscreen that is waterproof and free of chemical filters.

Choose clothes and hats with sun protection. In shallow water, avoid using flippers to avoid breaking the corals.

To avoid damage to coral reefs, always keep diving equipment close to your body.

When moving rafts or stand-up boards, avoid contact between the paddle and the reefs.

Fishing is completely prohibited in the vicinity of corals.

Dispose of your garbage in an appropriate place and never leave it on the beach or in the sea. Especially collect straws, lids, and plastic cups that could harm marine life forms.

Bring your own water bottle and aluminum straw, or just give it up on using them.

Save water. The Maraú Peninsula does not have a water treatment system. All our water comes from artesian wells, so it’s important to only use what you need.