“Água que passa e canta,
é água que faz dormir...
Sonhar é coisa que encanta,
pensar é já não sentir...”

(Fernando Pessoa)

We are Mayim

Mayim means water, this element of nature that calms, revitalizes, flows and brings well-being. Water from rivers, lagoons and sea waves, which represents strength, movement and renewal.

Our accommodation is a haven of calm and beauty by the sea, surrounded by nature. Here you can simply relax and enjoy this paradise called the Maraú Peninsula.

Greek inspiration with the warmth of Bahia

The charm of Greece is in the style of our architecture and decoration. Combined with the human warmth that only Bahia has, it results in an unique experience.

New concept of accommodation

At Mayim Villa, we value guest autonomy and freedom.

Therefore, we adopted a self-check-in system, without bureaucracy on your arrival and departure. From the booking to the information on your accommodation, everything is online.

All our accesses, from the main entrance of Mayim Villa to our accommodations, have a smart lock with an electronic password, without the need to contact the reception.

A structure designed so that you won't lose sight of the sea

Accommodation with soul

We want you to feel welcomed at Mayim Villa, whether for the comfort of our facilities, the kindness of our staff or the beauty of this place.

Accommodation with social responsibility

We believe in the collective and sustainable growth of the community. Our decoration includes pieces by artists from the Peninsula, with an appreciation of the workmanship and local craftsmanship. We also support community initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

Accommodation with respect for nature

Our commitment to the environment is present from the architectural project, which preserved 100% of the native vegetation, to the daily operation of our facilities, with an ecological pool, solar energy capture, and biodigester cesspool.

The AtoZ Group

Mayim Villa is a dream come true for the AtoZ Group, a company based in San Francisco (California) with 25 years of history and a solid performance in the vacation home rental segment in Brazil and in the United States.